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DAZ 3D: My Wallpaper

As most of you already know, I’m a pretty big fan of video games artwork and 3D CGI artwork. I just love it. It is just simply amazing. And awesome. And the people just look so… brilliant and cool and everything!

So, today, I think I can join the circle of people who produce things like this.

"Inspire Yourself." As a writer, I know what these words mean.


The DAZ 3D logo. Image via Wikipedia.

I know it looks brilliant, and awesome, but actually it was only created in a couple of minutes on DAZ 3D software’s DAZ Studio 4 Pro, on Alex. I think the only reason why it’s so powerful is because of Alex’s own built-in GPU, something I have found very helpful in rendering fractal landscapes and now, my wallpapers.

I’m not sure what made it a wallpaper. I just knew then when I had rendered the image, I wanted it to have some kind of symbolism. So I added a background and some text, and it turned out to be a wallpaper. Well, I’m not objecting. I could use something else to stare at in times of creative poverty now.

The background is a lovely photograph of Hong Kong’s night skyline. As a proud part of Hong Kong, I couldn’t resist putting that image in when I saw it. I’m pretty sure it’s public domain, but if it isn’t, I’d be more than happy to cite you.