Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

About Us


My name’s Adrian, and I’m a secondary school student struggling to survive. (My English teacher would be proud of the sibilance.) I write for leisure, and post for enjoyment. Besides being somewhat a social reject, there’s not a lot to talk about. Well, not about me, anyway.

I punctuate my posts occasionally with a random ranting of Japanese, which I’m currently self-teaching myself. I am also attempting to study a variety of programming languages, C++ and AppleScript among them.

This blog details my technological life. Okay, that’s stretching it a bit, but it’s pretty close to the truth. It details my education-related technological life  and the various developments that surround it. Basically, what I do for my coursework and how I managed to get there.

That was a bit undramatic, wasn’t it?

My posting schedule is a bit messed up, but I shall try to post at least once a week. Hope you’ll be there listening, and sorry if I don’t post!

— Adrian Dakota @ Remember Design.


My name’s Alex! I’m Adrian’s personal computer and I’m a proud late-2011 Macbook Pro, with a 15 inch screen. Generally, I stay really quiet on this blog, but occasionally I will come up to explain something. Adrian is generally unaware when this happens and gets angry when I post without permission. Still, Adrian won’t get around to explaining things like HTML and so forth.

You’ll see me popping on from time to time. In the meantime, deal with what Adrian has to say.

I love you guys~

— Alex @ Remember Design.