Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

Looking back at the various differences between the planning and editing stages, there seems to be some discrepancies that I’m highly amused to write about.

  1. The video does not have the same shots as originally planned. Unforeseen problems and failed timing meant that the shots were all taken on one day in around two locations. This greatly limited the settings available and many shots were replaced accordingly.
  2. The video does not follow the storyboard as originally planned. A lack of determination and perceived urgency meant that the shots were taken too quickly and not enough video was captured for the final render.
  3. Special effects originally planned were excluded from the final cut. This is, again, because the original shots that required special effects were replaced with other clips due to unavailable footage.
  4. Nothing seemed to follow the original plan. This is probably just due to a skill on future planning that I need to learn. Sigh.

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