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First rule of the day: never, ever, attempt to make an appointment with anyone more than five times. After the fifth time (and you’re incredibly patient if it’s your fifth time), just forget about it. Ask the person to meet you instead. Or something.

Moving on…

I finally got around to scanning up our planning for the music video project. It would probably have been done a lot slower if not for a very real deadline, but anyway…


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I know, I’m no artist, and neither was anyone else who was doing the storyboard for this project. Blame that the entire group happens to be predominately male, and while I have nothing against male artists, I fully confess than I believe none of the males in this set of people are artistically inclined.

With completely no thought of the locations to shoot at, there were various scenes that required amazingly near-impossible settings:

Prados de siega en Valdáliga. CANTABRIA

This is hard to come by around here. Prados de siega en Valdáliga. CANTABRIA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grassland. One of the shots, as very badly illustrated, requires the use of grassland and a high panning shot. While I have some ideas on how the second requirement would be fulfilled, this first requirement is amazingly difficult to meet. Remarkably, a city that is known for its green colours on a satellite image actually has very little grassland around, and certainly not enough to give a nice, green shot.

However, I am not going to move just yet. I love my concrete jungle and do not plan on leaving it any time soon. So don’t suggest it, please.

This is the said person of whose residences may be occupied for the filming of the music video. An attempt was made to secure an updated photograph; this attempt failed as of the writing of this post.

Clarence’s house. The second scene happens to be in someone’s house, with the said someone being picture above. This is due to various ‘window’ and ‘door’ scenes, all of which need the presence of the real object, perhaps coupled with green-screen chroma key or other such post-production background removal editing techniques to alter the surrounding artefacts.

As I source for other locations, I’ll keep posting them.

Update: The above planning images were drawn by I, and Hilary Lok.

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