Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

This music video was created and edited totally by me, using my awesome skills that I have of video editing. It’s not an amazing work, I admit, but I was attempting to capture that essence and life of my form at school when I made it… I think I’ve got a fair bit in it though.

What do you think?

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  2. XxTouraixUsaxX said:

    So I noticed that you took off the video from youtube and I missed the chance of seeing the video. Can you show it to me once more on your blog? OH! and cool stuff on the video editing!

    • Hi!

      Unfortunately, I had used a copyrighted song as the background track to my video. It’s legal where I live, but it’s illegal to redistribute the content under US law and Youtube muted my video. Realising that the video didn’t make any sense without the music, I decided to take the video off Youtube permanently.

      I’m glad you like my posts!

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