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(Original Music Video)
(KHR ending 8)

Cycle, Cherry Blossom. This powerful duet has a little-seen style of music video: where the band plays and sings during the video, yet is involved some way in the story. Here, the duet and its band members can be seen fighting off scary-looking monsters briefly, sliced with shots of them playing their respective instruments. The story also has a slight feminist take on it, with the female singers defeating the evil bad monsters while the male band members were easily defeated by the antagonists. There seem to be businesspeople involved too, but I have no idea how they fit with the song… still, I really like the style of mixing the band actively playing with them in the storyline, since it creates a nice vivid memory. However, I think this song was actually better portrayed in the anime ending. At least that had a bike involved.

Last Cross, Masami Mitsuoka. This music video is much more abstract, taking place in a variety of places: a prison surrounded by plants, a backstreet alleyway, and a church. However, no story is played in the video: the entire music video concentrates on the singer and her singing, instead of involving a male counterpart. This style continues to reflect the general trend of music videos I’ve been seeing, but yet I like how this one has less exaggerated movements and cuts between different settings. The colours, too, have been edited to give a darker, more ominous look. Producing anything like this would mean good filming, good editing, and a load of really good places to set the shots in.

Easy Go, Kazuki Kato. This is one of the better songs I’ve seen with an actual story. In the story, two stern-looking suited men run off with a vintage TV belonging to the lead singer. He chases after them, running through a shopping mall and chasing them through a go-kart track. I find it amazing that none of them seem tired with all this chasing. Eventually, he recovers the television set and the thieves continue running away. Through this, the video splices in shots of the singer performing into a microphone on a building, with the same singer being played on the television set. This story-based music video is probably the closest style to our current storyboard, although I like this a lot for how the music and video are connected.

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