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Update: Due to the large number of videos involved in this post, I have complied them and created the following playlist.

Since we’re making music videos, it seems only fair to do some research among music videos to glean some ideas. While the storyboard and planning continues to be in progress, I have some MVs that I really like.

I also have to say that these songs are Japanese.

This post also sounds a lot like an analysis essay rather than just looking at music videos in general.

Long Kiss Goodbye, Halcali. This is a nice song, and its music video is pretty heavy on the computer-generated imagery and loads of special effects, both digital and physical. There are loads of generated shots of circular rings of interesting articles that generally have no relation to the song whatsoever. Also, there’s shots of the singers simply walking along, a shot that I really like. Producing something like this would be an interesting journey into the realms of the unknown world of computer generated animation.

Toumei Datta Sekai, Motohiro Hata. Besides being a really upbeat, powerful, and encouraging song, this music video concentrates much more on the band itself, spending a good minute at the beginning introducing the individual band members, possibly due to the fact this song was written by the singer, and not the entire band as a whole. (Indeed, this band seems like just a group of people assembled for the song.) The video itself only involves many shots of the band performing the lovely song, but it’s a really good focus on the band and avoids the distractions of having a story-based MV. The colour, too, has been remastered to be more sepia and grey, a really good effect. A music video like this would move more into the camera work of the videography and really concentrate on having good, interesting shots.

Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~, Home Made Kazoku. A nice and upbeat song, with really happy lyrics. The music video, too, has little in the way of story-based elements, instead concentrating on the band singing, a style that I much prefer over our current storyboard. This video also employs many interesting shots, including a lot of high shots and rolling shots that would require a dummy or grip. The darkness of the video, too, would have been mastered into the video. Creating this would mean a lot of improvisation on creating dummy movement effects and high-shots without the use of a grip.

Kimi Monogatari, Little by Little. I love this song for the sole reason that it’s sung by one of my favourite anime characters… moving on. I really like the lights behind the band and singer in this music video, as it casts a nice effect and serves as a pretty background. The video cuts between three different sequences, the entire band, the main singer, and then the landscape shots. It appears that the landscape shots also involve the story of several children bonding and making friends, although little screen time is put on the story itself. This style of MV is one that I prefer the most to apply to our existing storyboard, as it retains much of the story elements while still putting the focus on the band. Unfortunately, to make a music video similar to this would require large amounts of green land, something that is at a high premium here in Hong Kong.

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