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Skyler, my Kindle, was officially pronounced dead this morning. RIP, Skyler.

I took Skyler out of my bag and there it was. A picture of John Steinbeck, and loads of cracking lines going through it. I knew at that point that Skyler’s screen was a goner. He was dead.

Skyler, I'll always remember you.

What this did mean, however, was getting on the phone to Amazon Customer Support and finding about what I was supposed to do about it. I had no idea if this was covered under my warranty, nor what would happen, and I was anxious about making an international call because I was scared of what it would cost.

So I searched up how to contact them, then this is what I saw.

Amazon's contact customer service page. This is beyond anything I've seen before.

I was already kind of worried when I saw I needed to make a phone call, because it was early morning in the US when I got back home here in Hong Kong. But when I saw this, I knew that I could expect a call instantly, and I wouldn’t need to worry. But this is amazing. The technology to do this is already there — the ability to allow a computer to make a phone call to a direct number. But it was the fact that Amazon implemented this in Customer Service that amazed me.

So, moving ahead. I got a call literally three seconds after pressing the button. A little recording played telling me that my conversation would be recorded. Fine. I’d been recorded by many customer service centres before. Then the line played some classical music, and soon afterwards (and I’m saying, a minute), I was put through.

The representative that answered my call was a polite woman named Cherise. She was most understanding, and it amazed me when she already knew so much about my problem. It turns out that Amazon has their service set up to send the information I’ve already entered into the service form directly to the representative that answered me. She was most helpful, informing me that Skyler was eligible for warranty, and didn’t even question why Skyler was named so. She added a credit card for me, immediately placed an order for a new Kindle Keyboard, and put up with me when I asked her to repeat herself three times on many occasions due to interference on my end.

The level and quality of service provided by Amazon amazed me. While I’ve called customer service many times, this is the first time that customer service has called me. I’ve suffered through computerised phone systems for hours, only to wait another couple of hours for a representative to pick up when the computer couldn’t help. Amazon did all this in less than a minute. Furthermore, Cherise was so helpful and polite. Under normal circumstances, I’d be so shy and quiet, but Cherise was just so nice that I felt like I’d been talking to her all my life.

Because I have to wait for a replacement, I’m forced to send Skyler back to Amazon while my new one is being shipped. At this stage, any other customer service would have hung up and expected me to do everything. I was fully expecting to pay for the costs of the shipping. But Cherise sent me an email, telling me what to do, and Amazon even had everything planned out for me. And, as an added bonus, she said that Amazon would pay for the costs of shipping.

The mailing label already designed, just needed to be printed and stuck to the package.

So all I’ve done is just print out the mailing label. I’m waiting for tomorrow to go by my local UPS Customer Service Centre and package and send everything off there.

In short: Customer Service is amazing. Thank you, Amazon!

Comments on: "Goodbye, Skyler. Amazon Customer Service will take you." (2)

  1. Wow. And they’re shipping to Kentucky as well?

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