Me, programs, examinations and coursework.


I’m not actually messing up, and nothing of any danger has happened to me. Yet.

I am writing a help system for my project, which means that it needs a text display.

Normally, using my limited set of technical knowledge, I would have gone for creating a lot of userforms and then sticking tons of text and images on it.

But I thought that would be boring and wouldn’t he interesting or helpful enough, and actually on inconvenience the booker.

Instead, I am opting for a more difficult, but more assistive system: I want to call in Apple’s own help system and write files that use it.

The Developer Library at Apple has proven very helpful for all things Apple programming. I have found resources to write Mac OS X applications, iOS applications, and now, help files for Mac OS X.

The allows for a much more integrated system and more functionality by bringing in some of the more advanced features of the Mac OS X help software — the ability to search through the files, the advanced, built-in formatting blocks that the help system has, the indexing abilities, and so forth.

In face, the Mac OS X help files are actually written in HTML and XHTML, two languages I am somewhat fluent in. The only problem will be implementing that into the system; but the writing of the help files will be really easy with my knowledge of HTML and XHTML.

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