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I’m an Apple fan. I like Apple. Their products have been historically reliable, simple, intuitive, and groundbreaking. How many people were expecting a massive revolution in the tablet industry before Apple’s iPad?

But recently, other competitors have begun to develop into industries heavily dominated by Apple. Samsung‘s Galaxy series, for example, is, in short, the main competitor to Apple’s products. Indeed, there is currently a patent war going on between the two companies — which is ironic, since Samsung relies on Apple for financial backing and Apple relies on Samsung to produce its semiconductors.

But now Samsung’s new Galaxy SII is clearly a substitute for Apple’s iPhone 4S.

In fact, this advert is kind of funny. It points out the problems with Apple’s products, including how people always line up outside the store to get the latest release. (I didn’t do that with Lawrence, since I got him off a plan.)

But this advert rings alarm bells. It reminds everyone, again, that Apple is not the only provider of trendy-looking smartphones. If Samsung’s Galaxy series becomes even more robust and reliable, it is set to surpass Apple’s iPhone. Apple needs a better head to direct its power so it can continue to make amazing products. (I like the idea of a holographic device, just saying.)

via Samsung Slams Apple To Promote Galaxy SII Smartphone « ThePursoot.

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