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While I’m not a video game player (and probably will never be), I have a particular interest in them. There are a couple of reasons for this, but I think the main ones are:
  • I’m a teenager. I’m drawn to games.
  • They’re amazing bits of software. Coding, graphics, sound. Everything is top-notch because they earn so much.
  • They have amazing in-game artwork (most of the time), because they earn so much.
  • They can massive openings for development, because they’re pieces of software and they earn so much.
  • They earn so much.
  • They have such WOW-I’M-FAINTING out-of-game artwork in their trailers, promotional posters and so forth. Because they earn so much.

I always kept an eye on the Final Fantasy franchise ever since I knew it existed (which, honestly, was about five months ago), and was wowed by its artwork. I like fantasy. I write fantasy for fun, so I find all sorts of fantasy inspirations everywhere, especially in Japanese animation.

While I’ve never played the game because of various reasons, screenshots reveal that the in-game artwork isn’t that good — well, it was terrible in early versions and only recently on better in Final Fantasy XIII and XIV.

The out-of-game artwork, however, is amazing.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV US box cover. Image via Wikipedia.

A close-up of Noctis' face as he draws his wea...

Wow-Wow-Awesome. Image via Wikipedia.

Actually, the artwork isn’t amazing, it’s wow-wow-how-did-they-do-that-amazing. It’s the sort of standard that I’ve come to expect from CGI, especially Japanese animation. (I’m not sure what defines Japanese animation, but I’ve watching Tekken: Blood Vengeance over CNY and it has a similar, if not just-as-amazing, standard of art as Final Fantasy.)

I want to be able to replicate it. I want to learn the skills needed to create such precise, awesome looking artwork. It doesn’t have to be games; it just has to be really good-looking artwork.

More ideas for my final coursework, then.

via Final Fantasy XIII-2: Clash of Time Gameplay Trailer.

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