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I love books. It was only in the interests of the environment (and the total coolness of owning a Kindle) that I got an e-reader. But I find that books can bring an enjoyment to words that nothing else can imitate.

For my Excel VBA programming project, I’ve been referring to one book often enough to think that it deserves way more than the love I gave it.

VBA and Macros: Microsoft Excel 2011 by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad is a guidebook that I borrowed off a local university library and have referenced ever since. It’s really good, with pages and pages on VBA code and explaining how each property works, as well as providing example code of each bit to help explain how bits work. While the online example codes don’t work on Alex — because of the various differences between VBA for Mac and VBA for Windows, that I have not managed to exactly understand yet — it does give excellent help on all things VBA and UserForms.

I’m not exactly able to recall the many times that this book has helped me in times. In fact, I’m not exactly sure how this book has helped me with my programming. I have certainly never used any bits of the code contained in it to help me with any of my projects. The only thing I’m sure of is that my coding ability has strengthened dramatically over the time that I got the book.

The various bits of code inside the book are really helpful in learning how to use certain functions. It teaches the different objects available, and the various properties for those objects, as well the values that can be entered for them. I haven’t read the full book of 656 pages, but have referenced sections for bits of code, specifically the chapter on Basic UserForms and on cleaning up code from the Excel Macro Recorder.

'can be simply shortened to
'or even
Range("C23").Copy Destination:= Range("C26")

Indeed, if it wasn’t for the book, I would never have realised how bulky and inefficient my code was. Now that I have, it’s time that opened up all my modules and started to clean them up by hand.

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