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Macro and Debugging

A programming error, I suppose. Debug time.

It’s only when I’ve started to check up on every single plausible possibility that could come across this do I realise that this happens with my records page.

It’s copying and converting my Invoice pages’ information.

I think that this is a result of running so many macros as the system boots up. It might just be a simple programming error, resulting from a missing declarative or a syntax error, or it might even be a problem with the VBA interface itself. Either way, I’m going to have to find out.

I’m wondering how this is going to work. It calls on the same bit of code over and over as it runs, and does so perfectly — what makes it cause such a problem as it opens the workbook.

Update: I’ve found the problem with this bit of code. Instead of copying the data on the Records page, it copies the data of whatever page it’s on. If it’s on the Records page, then everything works fine. But if it’s on other page — the Invoice page, the Welcome page — then it copies the data off there. I’m going to debug it and see which bit of code I have to change.

Also, I’m thinking about changing my booking system a bit. Because of the way the macro and data is written, everything is pure data. While this might be great for the programming, I really doubt that anyone would be particularly happen trying to see things represented by only letters and numbers. Pictures are coming to mind — perhaps a more graphic, user-oriented piece of programming?

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