Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

XMind is the answer to all your planning, organisation, mind mapping, and strategic problems.

So, I was searching across the web for a way to keep track of the numerous relationships across my multitude of characters, and came across XMind. It’s an open source project that allows for amazing brainstorming features while keeping everything simple and sleek. Before this program, I had always thought that mind mapping would be restricted to paper because there would be so much programming and clicking and data entering involved, at least… for now.

I always thought this was too annoying to replicate on a computer.

I mean, okay, you can get some kind of mind mapping done on a computer, but it’s always going to be limited by the software, so you can’t move things that freely, or link things together nicely across sections, or have a varied layout; it was all strict, straight, tight, and ruled. You couldn’t break them, which, I thought, ruined the whole concept of using it for creativity.

Creativity is about the freedom of expressing who you are. What you want to express. And I dislike it when my planning, my organisation, and my writing are ordered by the computer’s preferences.

Not anymore.

Open source, XMind is a program that’s allowed me to take my planning off the paper and onto the computer. It caters to practically everyone, allowing both strict, organisational tree charts to be formed as well as freestyle map charts with more control. XMind is completely compatible with all my needs; I’ve only downloaded it for a couple of hours, and already I’ve recreated my character listing chart in electronic form.

I recommend XMind to anyone who needs to write down their thoughts. In any form. Designers, writers, artists, technicians — this works. It gives back the freedom of paper. And it also works for people who require the structure. Human resources departments, for instance. Or timeline planners. This thing even has a fishbone-style layout, which I think perfectly suits some literature analysts, especially if they’re using the fishbone layout of analysing plot like one of my instructors taught me.

XMind is free for use, although some more features require a purchase. Seriously recommended.

Comments on: "To All Confused Planners: XMind" (3)

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  2. Wonderful post. I found mind mapping software a couple of weeks ago and love it. It’s interesting to see how other people are using these tools.

    • adriandakota said:

      Thank you! I use XMind to help keep track of my writing process. I can’t believe I didn’t find mind mapping software earlier; it’s so powerful that I’ve done things I never dreamed I could do on a computer. Loving it!

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