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Of iPhones and iPods

Did I mention my new phone, Lawrence?

My iPhone 4S, Lawrence. With Siri.

Evidently not.

Lawrence is an iPhone 4S, and the latest attention to my suite of electronic friends. According to Apple and Wikipedia, Lawrence has a 8 megapixel camera capable of taking images up to 3264 by 2448 pixels, and comes with the new Apple A5 chip. Tech spec over, I’m not sure how much faster that makes it. Okay, Lawrence is fast (loading the entire homepage here in 11.592 seconds) — but how much faster than the iPhone 4 is it?

I may be answering that question when I get my hands on my friend’s iPhone 4, and iPhone 3S. (iPhone Generation Battle, Start!)

My old iPod NaNo 5th Generation.

My old iPod died a little while back, so I got Lawrence as a replacement. The old one died in a washing machine… :(. Pity Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage. Otherwise, I could have stuck with my nano and everything would have been fine.

Although Lawrence does come with significant benefits. For one thing, I know have access to the web whenever I want. (I signed up for a 3G plan with SmarTone, one of the Hong Kong mobile phone network providers.) Another, I now have a bigger screen. Finally, I have more space for all my music, which also happens to be overfilling Alex as well.

I swear, music takes up so much space.

It’s almost Christmas, too, so why not spread the spirit and give some presents? I know what I’m getting my friends!

Merry Christmas!

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