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Booking Systems

I’ve finished the booking system for Lights (finally) and I’m now moving onto an independent program session.

Because I’m nice (and I’ve been relying on other people’s free work), I am posting a link to the original file here.

Lights Unified Booking System (in Excel Marco-Enabled format)

To open it, you need to enable marcos in Excel. I know it’s annoying, but I promise that there shouldn’t be any viruses in the programming. No guarantees, though.

I’ve moved on to creating a booking system for a rock school (yeah, a rock school… really?) that basically only has specifications and complete freedom over what programming to use, as long as it’s VBA in Excel. Currently, I’m going through looking through dissecting other people’s previous pieces for ideas.

An example of a previous piece of work. Note the navigation system down at the bottom left.

I like this one (Alexander Wang), because of the intelligently-designed (and very simple) navigation interface. It’s simply select the name of the page, then click “Go”. The macros (I checked them) are actually really simple, but use the VBA “If” and “ElseIf” functions to make sure the user is directed to the right page.

Another example of a booking system. I had to stick in the popup.

This one (Andrew Chan) was way more impressive when I first saw it, partly because it was running on my teacher’s amazing computer. It used macros to create animations on the title, displaying each letter one by one. It was amazing, but when I got my hands on the file and tried running it, Excel crashed. The macros were so memory-consuming that whenever I open this file, I disable macros to prevent Alex from completely shutting down on me.

Onto my own.

A program I have with programming the Combobox so that it works.

I got this code directly off a website, and adjusted it to fit my own purposes. Unfortunately… it doesn’t work.

The debugger insists that there’s something wrong with the


but I have no idea what identifier to change it to. Right now, I am trying to find a couple of people to come help me, and am searching up reasons why. This tutorial is proving very helpful, but I’m going to have to spend some time on this.

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