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Bookings and Macros

Spreadsheets are a great way to do complicated calculations and programming and what-have-you. The only program of the Microsoft Office suite I actually like for its functionality is Excel.

This is what I was working on last lesson. It’s an Excel-based seat booking system. I used a couple of macros in this thing, so to use it up it’s greatest effect, please make sure you enable macros. (Excel insists on telling me macros aren’t safe. Trust me, they are here.)

The cell colouring is done with conditional formatting, and the buttons were made through the Developer tab.

There’s a reason why I’ve had to link with it. WordPress refuses to accept macro-enabled Excel documents, so the file is hosted offline. I suppose it does have to do with the weird accept-only-no-possibly-virus-written-macros idea, but personally I find it annoying. I can understand, though — imagine if you hosted a file that people downloaded and then started complaining to you cause it had a virus in it. I think I’d just cause inconvenience for everyone else than myself — which cooperation wouldn’t?

Not like I’m saying WordPress is bad. WordPress is good. I like them. That’s why I hosted my blog here.

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