Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

I have just tested out my mobile data transferring skills.

Mobile Version for a Dell Streak 5

It’s actually really easy, just a couple of minutes in converting the size of the canvas and cropping out the extra details. What took really long was to transfer the file into the actual Dell Streak.

I don’t like how it’s become narrow and long, but that is the resolution of the Dell Streak and it looked less weird on the Dell. I was also annoyed when I found out the reason why the file was failing to show on the Dell was because I didn’t turn on the SD card data transfer option on the phone. It was the press of the screen. I neglected to read the Chinese.

Prezi refuses to let me embed, so instead I’ll put the link here to view. I tried out the (very public) Prezi interface, and it turned out to be pretty easy to use even though it ended up publishing the Prezi out into the Internet… something I don’t like.

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