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The Wonders of Photoshop

It’s not exactly my fault that I haven’t been posting recently, but I’ve been caught up in NaNoWriMo and haven’t been concentrating much on stuff I should be concentrating on.

Okay, fine, it is my fault.

I’ve formed a band with me, Hilary, Clarence, and Liam (sorry Liam, someone had to go last, forgive me) and I’ve only broken my unspoken rules of not mentioning any names because someone else (cough, cough) has already bothered posting all our names on. I also might have neglected to have mention what exactly we were supposed to be doing last post.

Unedited original image

This has greenscreen. And a floor. And a chair. And wrong lighting.

Basically, the entire image is nice — yeah, it looks okay — but it just won’t work.

However, due to the wonderful powers of Photoshop, Adobe allows that to turn into…

The final composition, with much ado about nothing.

The final postery kind of picture.

My final composition, with much tutorials that I have lost, was completely and fully done on Photoshop. (Specifically, Photoshop CS3 and CS5, both of which I love to bits. Not literally.) The curvy lighting effects were done with the Pen Tool, something I’m barely touched before. If I knew about that earlier, it might have been a lot better at getting things like cleaning done. (Uh… don’t ask.)

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