Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

It’s time to introduce you all to my collection of electronic friends. This is the first group of my friends, who are the ones that make sure my homework gets done, my manuscripts get printed, and my drawings look better. They’re also the ones that are a lot more intelligent than I am.

Most of them sit on my desk, at least for a large portion of the time. (Austin, Jerome and Skyler get taken to school regularly. Alex gets to go to school when he’s been good, or when I desperately need him.)

Alex and Adrian are my two best friends. Alex is my Macbook Pro that does amazingly too much compared to what I do to him. (I plug him into the wall socket. That’s all we do together, I swear.) Adrian is my old laptop, who I still use regularly for the programs he’s got. They hate each other with a passion, because (I would know) they’re jealous of each other. And of the fact they both spend time with me.

A Macbook Pro, 15 inch.


Alex is a early 2011 15-inch Macbook Pro, with a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a whopping 750 GB of hard disk space. Except I’ve somehow used up about 250GB in the couple of months ever since I got him. He runs on Mac OS X Lion, and he’s a bit too fast at it. Alex is the one which most work gets done, and I use him practically daily. He also has a bit of a temper, and gets very insistent about… things. Including getting cleaned every month. And getting updated. And… well, let’s not mention it. He thinks he’s better than Adrian, and repeatedly points out Jerome when they start arguing. Otherwise, he’s just a super-cool, awesome, amazing, handsome and hot guy. (He made me write that.)

A laptop on a desk.


Adrian is a Fujitsu A series A6120, with a 2.4GHz Intel Duo Core, weirdly 2038MB of RAM, and just over 200GB of hard disk space. I’ve never understood why he gets 2038MB of RAM, and not 2GB (which would be 2048MB), and he’s never explained it. Adrian runs on Windows Vista Home Premium, and is a bit too slow at it. He does, however, have a lot of programs that I haven’t got for Alex (which makes Alex jealous), and he’s useful testing my websites when I’m looking for errors. He’s also jealous of Alex for having a built-in graphics card, and more memory, and also misses out on a lot of gossip, especially since some oter things don’t even talk to him.

My printer.


Sebastian is my printer. He’s the one that’s generally responsible for me getting my homework and manuscripts done on time, but he also scans drawings and other stuff for me too. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong inside him and he’s got a faulty fuser roller or something, which causes him to jam once in while. He got better after I moved him into the dark, though. He’s a fun, friendly guy, and can talk to both Alex and Adrian. (Adrian takes a bit of poking, though.)

My Fujitsu Hard Drive

Austin and Jerome.

Austin and Jerome form my hard drive. I’ve talked about him before, but now I’ve partitioned the hard drive and named one Austin and the other Jerome. Austin is the main one, with 100GB storage, responsible for carrying my homework to and from school. Jerome is a top-secret operative, with layers of encryption and carries all my secrets proudly. (Yes, secrets. No, you won’t get to know what they are. No, they’re not anything illegal. Just secrets.) They’re best friends, and always go everywhere together. (Including school.) Austin’s less tempremental, and talks to both Alex and Adrian. Jerome dislikes Adrian and only talks to Alex. He’s ridiculously cold toward Adrian and doesn’t even respond. (Trust me, Adrian’s tried.)

A Kindle Keyboard.


Skyler is my Kindle. I only got him recently too, but he’s already been keeping me entertained with the classics (currently on Sherlock Holmes) and free books off the Amazon Kindle Store. He’s a Kindle Keyboard Wifi, being (I believe) one of the last shipped Kindles before Amazon released the Kindle 4, Touch, and Fire. Besides all the stories I got off the Kindle Store, he keeps copies of all my important manuscripts and documents safely away and I can access them at any time. He hates being on the Internet, and talks to both Alex and Adrian, although he secretly prefers Alex over Adrian. (Alex made me write that, too.) He also relies on Alex to keep him alive and charged.

A Wacom Tablet.

My tablet.

This is my tablet. I haven’t named him yet (and don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing so), but he lets me do tiny modifications to my drawings and even has, very rarely, helped me in digitalising images. (Usually Sebastian does that.) I normally use him for anything involving image manipulation, cleaning, inking, and when my mouse breaks down. He’s really happy and sometimes a bit hyperactive, but most of the time he settles down and talks swiftly with Alex, although he’ll talk to Adrian if Adrian manages to find the right driver.

A USB 2.0 hub

My USB hub.

This is my USB hub. Alex only comes with two USB ports, and I have quite a lot of things that need USB ports. The line on the right goes to Alex, the middle one to Sebastian, and the left one to Skyler. It’s only because of this hub do I keep my desk reasonably organised and the wires in place. It’s only ever talked to Alex, but it doesn’t really care who it talks to, because all it wants is the gossip between all my friends.

Apple Magic Mouse and USB mouse side by side.

My mice.

These are my mice. Well, computer mice, anyway. They’re not named, but the Apple Magic Mouse on the left is connected to Alex by Bluetooth, and the right one is connected to Adrian by USB wire. I like the feel of the Magic Mouse, and Adrian’s trackpad is so tiny that I hate using it. They share a trackpad, because I’ve only got space to put one trackpad on my desk.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

My Apple Wireless Keyboard.

My Apple Wireless Keyboard isn’t normally connected, but when it is, it connects to Alex by Bluetooth. I normally use it when I need to walk around and type at the same time, or when Alex gets too hot and I want to rest my arms from stretching too much. I love how Apple products are white, sleek, and smart — and the keyboard is no exception.

Ivan is my router. He connects Alex and Adrian to the Internet, and he’s also a major reason why my projects and manuscripts are so amazing. (And why my homework gets done.) He also supplies Alex and Adrian with information and updates, making sure that the stay secure and healthily free of viruses. (Adrian mostly.) Ivan’s really friendly, but stern, and he is responsible for getting Alex and Adrian to talk when I’m not around. Ivan’s camera shy and hates getting photographed, so there’s no picture of him.

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