Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

My Workstation

I thought it was about time to show you my desk — or, at least, what my desk looks like some of the time.

This is what happens when I need the files on one computer to work with software on another computer.

Two computers, working together for one final project.

The terribly awesome way I work.

I’ve probably broken a couple of health and safety issues by putting two computers so close, but it’s not my fault that Adobe Photoshop is on Adrian (right) and all my files are on Alex (left). I have two additional mice (Adrian has a terrible, tiny trackpad, and I like the feel of the Apple Magic Mouse), and a tablet for more fine image editing.

I have been rampaging searching the house for a USB computer-to-computer cable, but evilly unfortunately we don’t have one, so I’m currently being really sad compromising by using my router as a focal point for computer to computer interfacing.

Ever since I got Alex (a couple of months ago), I’ve been regularly using both computers for the sake of a couple of programs that either only run on Windows (Bryce), only have trial versions for Windows (Adobe Acrobat), or are too expensive to buy again for Mac OS X (Adobe suites).

I don’t like it when that happens, because it really slows me down quite a lot — I have to keep transferring files from one computer to another. I wish there was some sort of magical system where you could buy a program once and use it on a million different platforms. Or better still, one program that could do everything you ever wanted. (That’ll cost millions, though. Oh, no, wait — IT project in the waiting? Maybe.)

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