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Vegas Breakdown

Sony Vegas Screen with annotations

It’s such a brilliant program. A pity it doesn’t come in a version for Mac OS though.

I think I might now have enough experience with Sony Vegas Pro 9 to actually be able to do some work with it now. I have six hours to do the following things:

  • Understand Sony Vegas Pro
  • Film and Record Video & Audio, perhaps separately
  • Compile all video into Vegas
  • Add effects and other such computer-generated imagery
  • Edit transitions
  • Compile final product
  • Test final product.
Therefore, I shall split the time as the following:
Hour 1: Beginning filming and recording audio
Hour 2: End filming and recording audio
Hour 3: Importing all video into Vegas, beginning computer effects
Hour 4: Continuing computer effects and transitions
Hour 5: Ending all computer-based video manipulation and exporting video
Hour 6: Testing product video, making any adjustments when necessary.
Hopefully the timing will magically work out somehow, but I suspect that I shall need more than 6 hours to complete this project — especially since the audio is presenting major problems.

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