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Sony Vegas to iMovie

What happens now? Well… since iMovie’s functionality isn’t as brilliant as it could be, I’m going to have to go for a very big change and move from being completely-Vegas based to using a mixture of iMovie and Vegas.

I was going to go completely iMovie (see last post), but then iMovie’s picture in picture function isn’t as powerful as it should be.

Options avaliable for iMovie video drag-in

The little 'Picture in Picture' is causing quite a lot of trouble.

So instead, I’m planning to get everything video based sorted in iMovie, then do PiP in Vegas.

iMovie Tasklist:

  • Cut and arrange all video pieces. Medium priority.
  • Record voiceovers. TOP PRIORITY.
  • Put in screenshots. (May take some time.) Medium priority.
  • Add transitions. Low priority.

Sony Vegas Tasklist

  • Add all Picture-in-Picture effects. TOP PRIORITY.

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