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Change of Plan

The decision was a very difficult one. But this update is to say that I’ve switched from using Sony Vegas 9 to Apple’s iMovie for my video editing purposes.

This is because of a multitude of relatively small reasons. For one, there was a typhoon last time, resulting in a loss of one hours of Vegas exposure time. Secondly, Vegas’ interface is becoming too difficult to master quickly. Third, I have better access to iMovie than to Sony Vegas.

Originally, I had planned to only use iMovie for very simple tasks (such as checking video files and uploading onto the Internet), and I was already impressed with its streamlined workflow. But it was only when a tropical cyclone struck did I realise that there was actually no point in using Sony Vegas – I could not master it quickly enough, and there was insufficient time for me to use it. So I’ve switched onto iMovie for workflow processing instead.

I’ll be back with another update soon.

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