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Google, Purchasing, and iTunes

I’ve always really liked the style where Google does their help videos, because I always find it really simple, unique, and quite effective.

The style itself is really good, it doesn’t distract people, and it gets the information across. I’m thinking of using a white background with additional text at the side, and perhaps a couple of screenshots to demostrate the programs. I know that Sony Vegas Pro should have the capability to do this, but I’m also looking into Apple’s iMovie to see if there are any other options.

On Apple, the program that I love most from their iLife package is inevitably iTunes. Firstly, it syncs with my iPod, which goes without saying and blows away the hours spent on a bus, or the hours spent waiting for one. Secondly, iTunes seems to work seamlessly with a whole host of other programs, and comes with pretty good features — except there could be a couple more.

Firstly, iTunes would be a lot better with some kind of music tagging system. If there was the ability to tag a song as being, for example, ‘happy’, and then compiling playlists from that tag, iTunes would be a lot more useful. Moody does that to a certain extent, but it would be a lot more useful if it came built in to iTunes’ software.

Secondly, iTunes could do with a iPod to computer function. Currently, the syncing system is only one way, so the computer syncs to the iPod, but there have been situations where I have changed computers, and so therefore need the ability to move my music from my iPod to my new, empty computer. Unfortunately, iTunes only allows every iPod to sync with one library, and deletes everything on the iPod should the user want to change computers or something. Not really very cool.

Finally, on my last note, if you remember me talking about Scrivener, I’ve gone all out and bought it. Yeah. It’s proving worth it. A lot.

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