Me, programs, examinations and coursework.


There’s also another thing. If you follow my other blogs (, for example), you’ll realise that I’m a writer. And as writers do, they write. And what I’ve found is that once everything starts piling up to several thousand pages…

A woman holding a large stack of paper.

…it’s quite hard for something like Word to manage. What I did find, after much painstaking search, though…

Logo for Scrivener 2.1Scrivener is a writer’s delight. It’s designed to cope specifically with large documents, hold thousands of individual files, arrange ideas — all in one little program. The interface is simple, accessible, and quite honestly, revolutionary.

Examples of the Scrivener interface

It’s smooth, it works, it doesn’t crash, it holds massive quantities of documents, and most of all, it’s just under HKD $400. It was designed for writers, but it can do anything with large files. It could help write your university thesis paper. It just works.

The reason why I’ve been talking about this program in such a promotional tone is because I really want it. And I’ve got their Windows beta, and to me, it just works. There’s no having to cut and paste, no searching, no data loss, and, when I’ve got to a stage that makes Word lag on me, Scrivener just cheerfully opens the fifty-thousand-word project folder. Like that.

Literature and Latte is just the most awesome company I’ve ever seen. Scrivener is the most amazing program. Scrivener for Windows is on its last beta.

Finally found a program that’s brilliant. Again.

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  1. […] on my last note, if you remember me talking about Scrivener, I’ve gone all out and bought it. Yeah. It’s proving worth it. A lot. Share […]

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