Me, programs, examinations and coursework.

Trust me, using things like Microsoft Word 2011, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7, and Adobe Indesign 5 are all pretty cool, but once you’re using them to try and reproduce something… well, they get cooler.

And yes, that was precisely what happened this Thursday.

I mean, yes, it was all very quite fun, and everything was fine, and you get to mess around with excellent programs produce by excellent people, but when you’re trying to reproduce this:

OrigPoster 4 2006

in three programs, they end up looking like this:

Screenshot of Microsoft Word 2010Microsoft Word 2011. This program was the fastest for me to use, partly because I’ve been using it and its prior versions for about eight years now, and thus everything was quite accessible. Still, I feel it’s more designed for writing reports than creating posters.

Screenshot of Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7
Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 5. This was, if I’m absolutely honest with myself, the easiest to use. The only thing I didn’t, and still don’t like, about it is that the interface is so dark. It’s really difficult to find all the option buttons, and the tool-specific toolbar was confusing for me to use.

Screenshot of Adobe Indesign 5Adobe Indesign 5. I’ve always liked Adobe, because I find that their programs have such amazing functionality. Indesign was no exception, and everything was just on the interface, accessible and obvious. The only problem I faced when using it is that all other programs name ‘Transparency’ when Indesign uses ‘Opacity’ instead.

In my history of computing knowledge and self-experience, Microsoft Word was, at least back in 2003, the least suited to such design factors. Everything would get in the way, the toolbars were too bulky, and the interface was just not suited to designing, but more of word processing.

Screenshot of Microsoft Word 2003

Remember when Word used to look like this?

Still, if I’m honest with myself, Word has matured, and — even if it’s still not that good — it’s able to process simple designing flawlessly.

Personally, if I count out my Adobe fondness, I believe that the Xara Photo and Graphic Designer worked most efficiently. I would, if there was some option to change the colour of the interface, go out and buy it now. Have to work that out when I get to next touch the program.

And of course, if I had the money to buy it at the moment.

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